Saturday 6 April 2013

Bolt round the Holt 10k - Challenge Accepted

I laced up my trainers and drove with the husband to Alice Holt Forest, just outside of Farnham. 

As we arrived I was debating a last minute switch to the 5k race but Tim reassured me that I could easily do the 5k and the point was the challenge of the 10k.

Due to the beautiful British weather the forest was water logged and the route was amended to a 5k round lap.

It was a hard run, the inclines were sharper than I was used to and the trail was less forgiving than the pavements I has been training on. I felt slow, my legs like lead under me and I was frustrated as runners passed me on the hills but Tim kept me going. As we past each kilometre marker I felt stronger, Tim told me I could finish this and I would finish it strong. We approached 9k and I felt a boost, the final hill was tough but we sprinted the finish line together and came in with identical times.

That feeling, finishing a race, running a PB, I finally understood it. It wasn't the fastest, il never be an Olympian but the running high had hooked me.

I set myself a challenge that day, run a 10k every month for a year.

Bolt round the Holt 10k 06/04/2013 (01:10:54)