Monday 6 May 2013

She Runs Windsor 10k - I don't like coconut water

May Bank Holiday saw the inaugural She Runs Windsor 10k. Set in Windsor Great Park on the Long Walk, we looped round the course past George III Stautue, the York Club and Jubilee statue, finishing back on the Long Walk towards Windsor Castle.

The event was well signposted from the main road and we were quickly at the race start/finish line, I collected a t-shirt and goody bag but was disheartened that there was only small and medium t-shirts available. Note to race organisers women generally want a larger size and longer cut!

The morning was beautiful with a clear blue sky, although I think Tim was suffering as a spectator as there was very little shade!

I met with friends at the start line, Cheryl was taking it slow due to an earlier injury, so I made my way with Sophie and Rachel to the starting pens, the pre race nerves hit but I was excited to be running with friends so pushed the usual defeating thoughts back and focused on the in ahead.

We started off fast and made good progress to 5k where the girls broke ahead chasing a sub 1 hour finish, I set pace in front of the 1:10 marker and focused on my breathing. 

I caught up with Sophie around 7.5k and we pushed forward promising ourselves the Vita Coco water on the finish line, all we had to do was keep running. We reached 9k and picked up the pace, back on the Long Walk and downhill I kept pace just behind Sophie, refusing to let her get out of sight. 

I had my medal (best race bling so far!), a banana and a Luna bar and met up with Sophie and Rachel for our celebratory Vita Coco, my first ever, turns out not a fan! I was and still am a little disappointed in myself for not loving coconut water, I love anything coconut but I tasted to me a bit off and metallic, nothing coconutty just a bit odd.

Would love to run Windsor again, the vibe was great, the course although challenging was beautiful and interesting and most of all running with friends was the highlight for me.

She Runs Windsor 10k 06/05/2013 (01:04:44)