Friday 10 January 2014

#Janathon Day 10 - Feeling not quite right

I am not feeling 100% this evening but #Janathon and #Jantastic were the motivation I needed to ignore the cramps for 20 minutes and just get outside. Wrapped up warm and bright with my head torch and many reflective panels I set about the side streets.

I love where we live, although it's a little rough around the edges it's a quiet place and I feel safe running the roads and paths on the outskirts of town, I took a quick route up and down the hills (they may not really be classed as hills but for the purpose of tonight they were as much incline as I could face) and quickly looped back home at 3.35km. It wasn't the speediest or the furthest but it was a nice little run and now I feel justified to have a snuggle on the sofa with the cat before a little yoga stretch session later.

#Janathon Day 10 - 3.35km run
#Jantastic Week 1 Run 2

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