Sunday 26 January 2014

#Janathon Day 26 - Stretches and spring cleaning

Today was spent having a proper spring clean, I was intending only to get the Dyson out and then call it at day but a hour after that I'd pulled out the oven and was mopping behind it, after thoroughly cleaning all our kitchen cupboards. Actually fear I may have lost my mind! Why does it look messier than when I started? Looks like il have fun sorting my clean but messy house out this week!

In between being a domesticated wife I forgot my plans to run, however managed to find space and time on my mat, starting with some sun sals and then messing around with a little flow based on our class on Thursday. I really do enjoy the variations within flow classes, three legged dogs especially, and one day I will conquer the standing split.

#Janathon Day 26 - Vinyasa flow style practice plus a spring cleaning rampage  

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