Sunday 13 October 2013

Guildford Riverside Park Run - Muddy puddles

I cannot thank the marshals for this weekend Guildford Riverside Park Run enough, especially for not laughing too hysterically when I slipped and managed to land in a lovely muddy puddle.
The run was well organised and the volunteers and marshals were helpful and upbeat despite the constant downpour, the Kellystore Kangaroo was bouncing around in the mud.

We started a little earlier than planned but no complaints to that, all I wanted was to get moving as without a waterproof I was drenched through well before the warm-up had started. Looping round through tracks surrounding the Guildford Riverside Park and the Guildford Spectrum the single track widened out and I made a quick start to try and find my pace in a smaller group.

The 5k loop featured some short sharp inclines and slippery declines, a clear stretch alongside the river and back up through the woods, I made good time and crossed the 5k at 30:23. I have definitely decided to try and avoid races which have multiple loops in the future, in some ways I like to know what is coming up but when the first loop is difficult or has a particularly steep incline I have found my motivation drop as I approach for the second, third or fourth loop.

My moment of shame came shortly after the second loop started, a sharp corner with not one but two marshals who were pre-warning runners that the ground was slippery and to watch our footing. Even after hearing the advice multiple times on the approach and then seeing runners ahead slip and re-gain balance I still managed to run too fast, and after an interesting twist to try and re-gain momentum land in the middle of the mud. The marshals quickly came to the rescue but after a quick dust off (scrape off of mud!) I was deemed ok bar some bruises (mainly my ego) and set off again. I lost a little time but tried to catch up with the group I had been pacing against, but a twinge in my right hip told me to slow it down and run steady.

The final 3k passed in a blur and before I knew it the finish line was in sight and I attempted a sprint but between the slippery grass and my bruised hip I am sure the speed increase was minimal.

After collecting my medal, water and a banana I made my way back to the car, although there were a few supporter stands the rain was still coming down and I didn’t want to risk my not so practical car getting stuck in the field.

Guildford Riverside Park Run 13/10/2013 (1:03:39)

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