Sunday 13 October 2013

Rainy runs

I love running in the rain
It's so satisfying when the weather is poor to get out for a quick run and then after a nice warm shower snuggle up in pjs for the evening.

I love that a rainy run is usually a quiet run, less people out and about walking and the nods and smiles to other runners, that recognition that you, like them, are not a fair weather runner.

This morning it's raining, proper pouring, and I am sat in my car trying to keep warm.

This morning I am running my 7th 10k run, it will push me over the half way mark for my challenge. It's my first rainy race and also the first I am running on my own, so really excited for the finish line.

I am telling myself I will love this run, like I love my rainy evening runs but it's harder because it's cold and I have at least 45 minutes of waiting now before running.

Here is hoping this run will be fast!

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