Sunday 5 January 2014

#Janathon Day 5 - Gym workouts and running, finding motivation

A couple of weeks before Christmas I was in a rut with the gym. I knew roughly what I should be doing but was struggling to mangage more than 30 minutes before trying to convince the husband I was finished.

We're lucky to have a fab gym linked to our work, the Surrey Sports Park in Guildford has a large fully equipped gym, competition length swimming pool and a range of classes.

I spoke with the gym trainers and arranged a session to design a personalised workout plan, focusing on key goals of weight-loss, upper body and core strength. In the session we ran through setting realistic goals which for me is focusing on building strength and steady weight loss. We also worked though some nutritional advice and motivation techniques and set a target of 3 workouts per week plus yoga every day.

5 days into January and #Janathon, I'm feeling motivated and strong, I have been working out how to build some time into every day to focus on my health and fitness.

Today I completed my Fit Linxx workout, including short cardio bursts on the cross trainer, stepper and static cycle and reps for a full upper body workout, plus some squats to kick my butt into gear!

After our sweaty workout the husband fancied a little run outside, so we laced up and headed over to our local favourite, Caesars Camp military training ground, used for vehicle testing and training it's a great mix of trails and woodland and has a few killer hills. 

Rounding out Day 5 with a good cup  of tea and a movie (plus maybe a chocolate chip cookie).

#Janathon Day 5 - Cardio/Strength Workout and 6.38km run

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  1. Wow that looks like an incredible place to go running! I live about 25 mins from Guildford so I'd love to explore more places to go running!