Saturday 4 January 2014

#Janathon Day 4 - Nike Training Club

Why started last night as good intentions for an early start at the gym, ended up as a lazy morning catching up on some of our favourite shows.

With #Janathon as motivation, I had a look through the Nike Training Club (NTC) app and completed a 45 minute strength workout.

I have used the app for the last 6 months as a tool when in the gym but have never run the app during a workout. As I was at home I felt more comfortable on the moves I usually skip at the gym, such as kicks, high knees and froggers. The workout really kicked my butt, getting my heart rate higher than most at home workouts, plus like Nike Running the allure of 'winning' badges will definitely see me integrate NTC into my regular workouts.

NTC is available to download via the AppStore on iTunes and android.

#Janathon Day 4 - NTC 45 mins

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  1. I have the NTC but haven't used it yet! I'm thinking of giving up my gym membership so maybe I'll give it a go and see if it's worth saving the money of my membership!